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For any rising, young Christian vocal group, each new recording and each church or concert appearance spawns the hope of making an indelible mark on the life of each individual who hears the music that group presents. Before the first note has been played or the first lyric has been sung, the commitment is made to strive for perfection. Nothing less can be said of talented trio, Mercy’s Well.

Originally organized in 1998 as a duet, Mercy’s Well, under the leadership of group founder, Brad Strider, soon made the natural transition to a trio. The group’s first three single releases paved the way for their first Top 80 single in 2005. Throughout the past two years, the group, which is based in Greensboro, NC, has continued to produce chart topping singles and has gained national attention from fans, music critics, pastors and promoters alike.

The group’s most recent recording, QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS, promises even greater success, as it excels with creative excellence, a credit to the recording’s production team and producer Donna King (Hope’s Call), as well as Mercy’s Well members Strider, Greg Gainer, and Jake Wood. QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS is filled with moving messages, first-class production and rich vocal harmonies. The recording, like each performance by Mercy’s Well, is a testament to the versatility of this talented trio, as it encompasses a variety of musical genres, without compromising the Gospel message. “We minister to many people from various walks of life,” Strider shares. “Churches are full of hurting people…people who are going through unimagineable hardships…people who question ‘why’?. If we can be an encouragement to someone who is struggling, make them laugh, make them forget their problems for a while, and most importantly point them to Christ, we have accomplished our goal. People need HOPE and Christ has ALL the answers!”

Mercy’s Well is carving their own unique niche in today’s Christian music scene. This exciting vocal group is comfortable performing on concert stages before thousands, as well as in a rural churches across the nation. The group’s versatility makes them a favorite among young audiences and older music lovers alike. Their ability to adapt to any setting, without compromising the message they present, makes Mercy’s Well a favorite wherever their music is shared.

Mercy’s Well continues to reach new plateaus, as they consistently strive for perfection in their musical presentation of the Gospel message. “We believe we are constantly reaching new levels, lyrically, vocally and spiritually,” Strider explains. “We believe that’s what God expects of us, and our greatest desire is to please Him in all we do.”

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